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What sets us apart

What sets 24Seven Family Fitness and Tanning Centers apart from the rest is the combination of 2 very popular pastimes, “fitness and tanning”. The combination of fitness and tanning with the added feature of 24 hour access attracts members from two very popular markets. Your members will save thousands of dollars a year by paying one membership price for both fitness, tanning and 24 hour access. This concept consisting of the combination of these two profitable businesses along with our TIME TESTED SYSTEMS will dramatically increase your earnings, even in a down economy.

Proud 24Seven Family Fitness & Tanning Centers Owner

i07“I am retired and was looking for a good investment. I was completely sold on the tanning and fitness idea. This is a great concept and investment. I thank the guys at 24 Seven for all their help. This is great!! I’ve already committed to more clubs.” – Bob Mock