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Corporate Wellness

How 24Seven Family Fitness and Tanning Centers can help your employees achieve better results:

Better Nutrition

* Personal Online Nutrition plan available with specific and actionable recommendations

Better Workouts

* Online training center to assist in creating workout schedule and monitor progress.
* Free equipment orientation for fast, safe, effective workouts
* Personal trainers available to help achieve your goals

Better Rewards

* Quarterly Fitness Contests
* Local merchant discounts — just show your member ID
* Incentives & Price packages provided by Corporate Sponsors

How 24Seven Family Fitness and Tanning Centers can better your company

* Improve companies bottom line by saving on health care costs
* Reduced absenteeism and turnover
* Improved productivity and morale
* Happier and Healthier employees
* Educate employees to get in shape and stay fit
* 24 Hour access to all clubs nationwide
* Discounted employee enrollment
* Company/Employee reimbursement
* Join one — Use them ALL!

Give your employees more value and better results.