Investment Costs


Investment costs

The total estimated investment for each club ranges from $48,000 to $312,000, including an initial franchise fee package. Based on your budget and cash flow your upfront cost can be minimized by leasing equipment and spreading your build out cost in your monthly lease, although this may increase your rent.

Controlling your Overhead

Your overhead is key in the success of your business. Controlling that overhead is 24 Seven’s first priority when opening your club.

  • We at 24 Seven minimize that overhead in a number of ways. First is elimating unused and uncessary floor space. Our fitness centers vary in size, usually 2,500 to 10,000 square feet. Every square foot from the center is well thought out and layed out to maximize usage. More usage means more members.
  • Lease negotiations can be tenuous. Considering the different lease terms, like triple net leases, gross leases, and cam charges, deciding on a lease option can be daunting if you lack experience in dealing with building owners. We can help you achieve the lowest possible rate and make sure the lease is structured with your best interests in mind.
  • 24 Seven will work with you on choosing the best equipment for the size of your club and budget. Our volume buying power may provide savings to you, as we are able to obtain discounted rates with preferred equipment vendors. We can make suggestions based on your market demographic, area competition, your personal preferences, and our experience with other franchisee’s feedback. We can assist you with leasing options and put you in touch with some of the best leasing companies in the fitness industry.
  • Insurance, what type you should buy? How much should you have? Where do you get it? These are questions we’re used to handling. Let us assist you with these important questions.
  • The biggest expense the average fitness club has is payroll (sometimes as high as 50%). Our exclusive integrated systems allows you to run a safe and secure 24 hour operation and dramtically lower if not completely eliminate payroll costs.

Opening a club can be an overwhelming and expensive investment without the right help. Let the 24 Seven team show you how affordable it can be when done correctly.